First blog post

Heya guys, I’m a twenty year old student and I think i’m a warrior girl; I fight passionately for what I care about, I look after my friends and family because they are the most important things in this world to me, I can motivate myself to be determined and work hard for anything I want to achieve and will never give up on someone or something that I care about. I’m so proud of these qualities but they’ve ended me up in trouble, 4 years ago I started to develop an eating disorder (anorexia) and as my life started to get tougher with school/exams, friendship issues and family illness my warrior determination and strength became focused on my food and driving myself harder and harder to eat less and exercise more. I was fighting so hard for what felt right and safe for me at the time, my eating disorder became my shield when I didn’t want to show anyone that I was weak or hurting and wanted to appear strong, in control and true fighter to the world. I’ve been having therapy and thinking a lot about how my warrior mentality has gone a bit wrong and stopped me being happy and making the most of my incredible life. I’m starting to realise that I’m not stupid or weak for developing this eating disorder, it was a way for me to feel strong and cope at a time in my life when I felt everything was falling apart. It’s actually really scary to admit that the thing you’ve relied on and has defined you for so long is toxic and you need to let go of it, but that is what I’m trying to do. I’m writing this blog to help me understand how i’m feeling and what I’m fighting for as my warrior energy gets transferred to helping me achieve positive, healthy things in my life and get to the point when I am well and happy and strong inside and out. I hope that if you read this and struggle with similar issues it’ll help you realise that you can be a strong warrior too and just because you’ve messed up and made mistakes in the past they don’t have to define you. I want to get myself happier and stronger, I know I can make it and I hope you guys will share the journey with me too. Head up, stay strong 🙂 xxx

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