Making people understand

I don’t know if anyone else has experience this, but in my recent recovery with anorexia I’ve been finding it really hard to understand that other people (as much as they love you and really try to) just don’t understand. They cant imagine how your mind can obsess over just one thing and they get frustrated when you say you want to get better and put on weight but can’t make yourself eat a massive pizza. I have wonderfully supportive and loving friends and family and they have helped me so much in recovery. I am starting to realise I must not expect too much of them though. They sympathise and listen and make me feel so supported that sometimes I forget that they’re not inside my head and they can’t actually feel what I feel and I have to understand how it must be frustrating for them when they love me and want me to get better but cant make me do it. I have to remember that as much as other people can support me and try to understand I am the only one who can actually make progress. I mustn’t expect too much from the ones I love and then feel hurt and disappointed if they cant deliver what I want. I have to remember that they love me and it is as hard for them as it is for me. I am recovering for myself but also for the people I love. I will show them that I am stronger than this and I am a true warrior girl. Do it for yourself, do it for the people you love 🙂 xx

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