Taking opportunities to move forward!

Today I just want to remind myself, and all the other warriors out there that this isn’t going to be easy, and you’re going to need some strategies in place to help you win your battle and conquer those destructive voices in your head. When I’m about to eat something I sometimes get an evil, horrible voice in my head telling me that I don’t deserve it and that to have it makes me weak and pathetic and worthless. It is easy to listen to that voice, especially as it’s haunted me for so long, but I am starting to learn that it is actually smarter, braver, stronger and more impressive to go against that voice, to rebel and make my own path. I was told by my therapist that every meal and snack is an opportunity to move forward and not stay stuck. This thought has helped me so much as each time that demon comes into my head I remind myself that I want to move forward, and having something is not weak or greedy but actually a demonstration of how brave and strong I am. Don’t let that voice in your head scare you. Every decision is a crossroads, an opportunity to move forward to a happier and stronger warrior you 🙂 xx

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