Accepting recuperation <3

After finishing an incredible but long and emotionally demanding second year at university I’ve been finding it hard to know what to do with myself. I decided to go home for a few days and being back in my lovely home environment made me realise that all I really need to be doing right now is taking care of myself. I am incredibly lucky to go to a great university where I push myself to work to the maximum on my course, go to social events, keep fit and active and generally enjoy the opportunities available to me to the max. Unfortunately, as a warrior that’s recovering from an eating disorder and severe anxiety I often forget that I can’t push myself as hard as other people, and what is challenging and an exciting opportunity for someone else might be very unhealthy for me. I love my friends and family more than anything and my first thoughts are always towards them, but this summer I am vowing to be, not selfish, but self-caring. I am going to listen to my body’s needs and take it slow. If I feel like I want to eat much more regularly and bigger portions to be stronger then I will. If I want to not exercise to let my body and muscles repair, which I know I have pushed too far at times this year, then I will. If I want to have what I always feel guilty about, a “lazy” day, on the sofa to make myself happier and stronger then I will. I have thrown so much into my life at university and given so much to other people over the last couple of years and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I think this summer is a time for me to be self-caring however, I need to focus on taking care of my body and learning to love it as it is, rather than feeling like I need to drive it into the ground to be proud of it. Be selfcaring if you are a recovering warrior, your time to rest is essential recuperation and recovery 🙂 xx

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