Mini victories :)

On the road to recovery from anorexia and anxiety it can sometimes feel really overwhelming. Some days I wake up and feel like a wave of pressures and anxieties have hit me and that’s a really hard feeling to fight back and get back up from. Writing this blog has really helped me appreciate the small victories though. In a long recovery journey it’s so easy to loose perspective and get obsessed about achieving your ultimate recovery aims right away, but it’s important to remember that it wasn’t a quick and easy road to get you to your lowest point so it won’t be an easy road back to recovery. Take the time to appreciate your small victories, if you have an extra snack or eat in public or manage to not do an anxious tic while you eat or just feel positive about yourself for a day that then is an absolutely massive achievement. The road to recovery is made up of lots of tiny steps forward and mini victories. Applaud yourself each time you make one. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes along the way but make time to celebrate your little victories as well as acknowledging the times you’re struggling. There will probably be more times that you succeed than you realised, if you only take the time to notice. You are a strong warrior, applaud yourself on your mini victories 🙂 xx

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