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I know it’s really difficult to open up and eat with other people sometimes. When eating has been a coping mechanism and an anxiety you can feel so vulnerable and exposed when you do that act that has been special and protective for you in front of somebody else. But always remember, do NOT let you illness make you shut people out. If you think it will be a massive issue and that person will be criticising or judging you then it is most likely all in your head. This is your illness and it has been controlling you and you are the only one who can break that chains it holds on you and enjoy the love and sunshine and freedom in your life again. Today I had lunch out with my boyfriend. I felt anxious and guilty at first but afterwards it made me feel so happy and stable and loved and just, well, normal. You have the power to normalise food again and it doesn’t have to be a barrier or a limit in your relationships. Share eating and just being with your loved ones. Share your life and your experiences with the people you love, life’s too short to miss a single moment or opportunity for happiness. Share your journey, someone wants to do it with you 🙂 xx

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