eating disorder

Battle your bloating

I like to think of bloating as the nightmare of eating disorder recovery; it is awful and terrifying but it isn’t a permanent reality.

Now I have started eating more I’m definitely starting to bloat, and when that started happening it really scared me. I automatically thought that I was being fat and greedy and I was eating too much. But after researching I found out that when in eating disorder recovery your body puts on weight around your middle to protect your vital organs. I realised that I wasn’t eating too much, I am eating the right amount and my body is just utilising it in the most practical way possible.

If you’re bloating then it doesn’t mean you’re overeating, it means you are feeding your body correctly for the first time in a long time and it’s using it in a protective way. Your body doesn’t trust you after so much time of underfeeding and demands, you need to keep on nurturing it and feeding it to make your body trust you again.

Bloating is scary, it makes the reality of weight gain seem terrifying, but like a bad dream it will pass. You weight will redistribute just as your mind will stabilise and your thoughts and attitudes towards your body will become more normal.

Battle your bloating, don’t let it defeat you. Your bloating will redistribute, your mind will calm, you will become happier 🙂 xx

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