eating disorder

Somebody loves you, even if you don’t

My go-to tip to stay motivated during anorexia recovery: remind yourself of every single time that somebody you love has been concerned about you. Sometimes they will have told you that they’re worried about you, they will beg you to eat, they will tell you you’re looking fragile. Or, more often, they will look at you when you’re not eating or getting anxious and you can see in their eyes that they’re really worried about you but they love you and don’t want to upset you or make it worse by saying anything.

When anxious, destructive thoughts come into your head just think of these people – think of how much you love them, how much you don’t want to be causing them pain, how you want to have the energy to be fully committed to your time with them, how important you know you are to them.

I know that at the end of the day dealing with anxiety and recovering from an eating disorder has to be done for yourself, but sometimes when you’re struggling along the way thinking of the people who you love, and truly love you, can be an incredible help. Stay strong, keep battling your negative thoughts, you have more support than you think and someone loves you unconditionally 🙂 xx

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