eating disorder · recovery

Reward system

During the anorexia recovery process I have had to drastically reframe my attitude towards food; it is essential and normal not a reward.

I had got into a very unhealthy pattern of seeing all food as token or rewards that my body only deserved after I had punished it, or severly weakened it by over exercise and restrictive eating. Anorexia is such a struggle because the demon thoughts take over your entire mind. But it is important, in fact absolutely essential, for you to challenge those thoughts.

It is not greedy or disgusting to eat well and feel hungry, it is natural and normal to have an appetite and fulfill it. Food is not something that you need to punish yourself to deserve, it is a totally natural and compulsory that you feed your body. You body needs food for your organs to function, for you to be able to concentrate, for you to be strong and, most importantly, for you to feel happy.

Challenge your demon thoughts and tell yourself that food is positive and essential. Your body is a precious resource, take care of it 🙂 xx

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