eating disorder · recovery

Summer resolution

Today I have taken the decision to start a really relaxed summer; looking after myself, eating well and resting.

As most people who have suffered with anorexia and anxiety will know, it is really hard to relax, eat well and not exercise when other people around you are trying for that healthy​ summer body.

It’s important to remember though that you are in recovery. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others because you are in a different position to them, you have different goals to them and your body needs different things. I am realising that is absolutely essential for my own mental and physical health to give myself a rest and a summer off. It may feel unnatural when others aren’t doing the same, but I have different needs and it isn’t selfish or greedy to look after myself, it is compulsory that I do that.

If you ever feel like you should be doing more then just remind yourself of your overall warrior goal of recovery. Even the strongest people need rest and recovery in order to make progress, you can’t drive yourself this hard forever.

Give yourself a rest! Rest and relaxation is a positive, helpful process which you entirely deserve 🙂 xx

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