eating disorder · recovery

Learning to walk, not run

This morning I had yet another day when, although I was exhausted, I woke up early feeling compelled to exercise.

In the past I have indulged this urge but, now I’ve started my summer of relaxation and recovery, I knew that I had to challenge it. So this morning I went for a walk along a river near me early morning. And I do mean a walk, I didn’t force myself to start running or power walking as I normally do, or make up an excuse to need to go out so I can run. I just walked at my own slow pace and appreciated the things around me, and I’m so glad I made that step.

I know that my drive to push myself and keep myself busy constantly is damaging to my life and relationships, because I don’t have the energy to fully commit to them. I want to start fighting this impulse and start walking, not running. I want to appreciate the little things around me and be a happier, stronger, more relaxed person even if that means not being as fit.

You don’t have to push and punish yourself, you deserve to slow down 🙂 xx

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