eating disorder · recovery

Replacement therapy

One of the hardest things during recovery is calming your mind and allowing your body to take a rest.

You always say that you’re tired and exhausted and that you want to just completely relax, but as soon as you try to do that then those feelings of panic, anxiety and not being good enough come straight back up.

It’s​ an annoying truth that, during anorexia recovery, you probably won’t feel happy doing absolutely nothing. The key to surviving and riding this wave is to find things to replace your restrictive eating and over exercise with.

For me, these activities have been joining a choir, volunteering at a junior school, doing mindfulness colouring and … doing this blog.

Doing an activity that you enjoy and gives you validation without punishing yourself and your body is the key to recovery.

Your mind has been in over drive for so long that it won’t be able to just switch off so give it something else to focus on. Give it something positive to focus on which makes you happy, makes you feel calm and reminds you that there are so many things in life more important and more valuable than your anorexia.

Try replacement, it’ll produce a happier you ) xx

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