eating disorder · recovery

You can cure yourself

It’s really easy to let a mental illness take over your mind and consume your life, but it’s important to remember how lucky you really are.

Anxiety and the controlling thought patterns of anorexia can feel crippling and can completely overtake how you experience and view the world. This is only one part of you though, and it is one that you are able to cure and treat yourself.

An experience today reminded me that, tragically, there are many people who have illnesses which are untreatable, which as much as they are desperate to fight they are not able to over come.

I am not in that position though. My anxiety, depression and anorexia are serious illnesses which impact my life in ways other people may not even be able to imagine but I am curable and I am able to recover. When the journey to recovery seems difficult remind yourself that you have a goal and you can make it. You are able to cure your disease yourself and although that cure is a struggle, there are some beautiful people who just aren’t so lucky. Stay strong, cure yourself 🙂 xx

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