eating disorder · recovery

Accepting help

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how many people support and love you.

Anxiety can really change your perspective and make you feel so isolated, but it is important to remember that your friends and family are there to support and take care of you, and they are probably going to judge you a lot less harshly than you are judging yourself.

After having a panic attack in front of a group of old friends I realised that (no matter how harshly you judge yourself and feel embarrassed and think you should be stronger) the people that love you will cut you a lot more slack. I have always felt like I have to be constantly strong and hold things together, but I am starting to realise that it’s okay to accept support from people and it actually makes your relationship with them stronger.

Accept help from other people, it doesn’t make you weak it just means you’re human 🙂 xx

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