eating disorder · recovery

The talk

During anorexia and anxiety recovery I’ve been finding it really difficult​ when other people talk about food.

It sounds stupid but when you’re trying to develop a normal attitude towards eating and not constantly be obsessing about food then it makes it so difficult when other people are constantly talking about it.

When people are talking about the different meals they’ve had/where they’re going to eat/that they couldn’t eat the amount that I’m eating then it makes me feel really greedy and horrible. It makes me feel like I should be thinking about food all the time and it really make me struggle when I’m trying to not obsess over eating.

Unfortunately, I know that people will always talk about food though. Unlike people that struggle from an alcohol or drug addiction I am not able to totally avoid the cause of my illness, I have to confront it everyday.

Having to deal with food and eating everyday during my recovery, even when I’m finding those issues overwhelming, is a huge challenge.

For those of you that are struggling with a similar thing, all I can recommend is taking long, deep breaths and try to remember all the positive progress you’ve made. When it feels overwhelming then just remember that you are strong enough to cope with everything that’s being thrown at you and you will come out the other side even stronger.

Ignore the talk, you are stronger than you think 🙂 xx

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