eating disorder · recovery

Taking ownership

Once you start putting on weight and making positive progress, the next step in anorexia and anxiety recovery is taking ownership.

I have always found it much easier to eat well, relax and take care of myself when other people tell me to do it. If a dietitian gives me a food plan I have to stick to, if I friend asks me to share a cake with them, if my mum tells me that I should be taking it easy then my task is simple.

When you suffer from anorexia and anxiety I think it is so much easier to justify your decisions during recovery when somebody else is encouraging you, because you can convince yourself that you sort of have to do it and it’s out of your control.

It’s a lot harder to eat regularly, relax and not exercise and just genuinely take care of yourself when you have to make the decisions yourself. It is natural to feel guilty and unsettled by making these decisions, as they are the exact opposite of what you have been doing to your body for the past months or years, but that is exactly why you need to make them.

It will be difficult to take ownership of your recovery and acknowledge that you are making the decisions to put on weight, but this is actually an incredibly positive thing. Along with putting on weight comes feeling happier, calmer, more stable and being able to enjoy all your relationships so much more.

Take ownership of your recovery, you deserve to make decisions that make you well and happy 🙂 xx

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