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Anxiety is awful, but manageable

Anxiety is difficult because you feel overwhelmed by stuff that other people find really easy to deal with.

It’s awful because you start feeling really anxious and rubbish when someone talks about something that’s slightly difficult for you to deal with.

I know that I feel really embarrassed to show that side of myself in front of my family. I know that they love me and think of me as strong and don’t want to see me with an episode of depression or anxiety. It makes me feel crap and unwanted when I can’t appear in the strong, coping way I want to in front of my family.

I’m trying to stay positive but I do find it hard to stay calm and centered when I feel overwhelmed. It’s easier when you leave home, go to university, arrive in new spaces etc but it can feel very oppressive and negative when you return to the spaces and situations where your anxiety started.

For anyone suffering from a similar thing all I can advise is taking deep breaths, try and keep things in perspective and remember that you’re probably being much harder on yourself than other people are being on yourself.

Stay strong, anxiety is part of you but doesn’t define you 🙂 xx

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