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Is it true? Does it matter?

The start of a new year/term/chapter of your life is a big challenge for anyone, and as someone who is recovering from anorexia and experiences intense anxiety there is always a fear that these periods of change will cause a relapse.

I know that I have never been great with goodbyes and making new starts. It’s not that I don’t want to do new things, but when im really happy and love the people where I am so much I find the thought of being in a different situation really unsettling. Recently I’ve been feeling really stupid about not being able to throw myself into stuff and beating myself up that I felt emotional about starting a new job, a new year at university and the first year when I’m going back feel properly rested and recovered from everything.

For anyone struggling with anxiety or eating disorders, new starts can feel really overwhelming. Recently I was given a piece of advice which has helped me so much, and that is to think ‘is it real? Does it matter?’.

When youre starting to feel anxious and overwhelmed, convincing yourself you can’t do it, telling yourself you won’t be strong or good enough then STOP and ask yourself: is what I’m telling myself actually true/real? And if I’m not perfect this one time does it actually matter?

The anxiety and stress and homesickness you feel is all in your own head, you are stronger than it and ready to beat it. If you have started recovery then you are strong enough to keep on going. Dont let new challenges get the better of you.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed just remember that it’s probably not true and it probably doesn’t matter 🙂 xx

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